We currently integrate with Shopify, WooCommerce, Bigcommerce and Stripe’s Relay API (not Stripe’s standard subscriptions API). From time-to-time, we might consider integrations with other Ecommerce platforms too.


Yes, you are able to translate all of our English terms on the email. You can find out more in our Help Center.

You'll also see that there is a "Locale" setting on the Template settings view, which applies to the date formatting. And lastly, we detect your currency automatically (on a per order basis).

Currently, we support your receipts, follow-up and abandoned cart campaign emails, as well as email newsletters. We are considering adding support for other transactional e-mails as well and the development of this would form part of our longer-term roadmap.

Our emails are sent once you have processed and / or completed payment for the order. The exact triggers will differ for each platform we support and you should have a look at the documentation for your platform of choice.

Conversio only works for future orders / purchases i.e. orders placed after you first activated Conversio. We can't unfortunately retrospectively generate supercharged receipts for past orders.

We do however consider all of your past orders for your customer segmentation and also to benefit the recommendation algorithm.

We use Mailgun to send our emails and send them via our e-mail account ( We however use your Company Name (which you can set in your Profile) as the "From Name" and use your Company E-mail as the reply-to address if any of your customers were to respond to a email.

Custom domain mapping support, to allow you to send emails via your own email address, is available as an option when as a Conversio Premium user.

This option is currently only available when making use of Conversio Premium.

Unfortunately you can't edit any of the HTML in your email.

We've added Google Fonts to our template builders in order to give your emails a little more fanciness. Google Fonts is supported by most email clients.

If a customer views your email with an unsupported client, we've added fallback fonts so your emails will still look great.

Yes - for our coupon-based marketing modules (both Discount Coupon & Shipping Coupon) we will automatically generate a random & unique coupon code that we will include in the email. We will also store that coupon within your store database, so that customers can redeem that at any time (regardless of whether you are still using Conversio or not).

No, each coupon code is an automatically generated, unique code that cannot be used to make more than one purchase.

Yes, Conversio’s Abandoned Cart Campaign sends your customer, customized and personalized, emails with the products that were left behind automatically included.

Easy… Incentivize your customers to spread the word by giving them “$10” off their next purchase after a successful referral to a new purchasing customer.

We have added a social media sharing mechanism to facilitate successful referrals.


The recommendations are based on:

  • Which products customers buy
  • Which products customers view
  • Product tags
  • Product popularity

If a product is fairly new or unpopular, it has not been viewed or purchased with many other products so the algorithm will choose a number of products that are “popular”. The algorithm tries to pick products with the same tags, product type and brand.

The best places to use a the widget are in areas where customers would appreciate that extra boost of confidence in your business. Here are a few examples that we think are the good options:

  • Homepage
  • Checkout pages
  • Product pages
  • Blog pages / posts

If you're spending time writing a blog for your customers, adding a Quantitative Summary widget could be very useful as an extra reminder of the quality of your service.

You can use Feedback widgets to automatically display positive customer feedback (which you received via the Feedback module in any of your emails) on your store pages.


At the moment, there's no way for us to programmatically disable Shopify's default order confirmation e-mail and you (as store owner / admin) can't do so manually either.

In the meantime what we're doing is to make sure that the Conversio-powered email arrives in the customer's inbox before Shopify's default email. This isn't a perfect solution, but our data suggests that it's still a valuable alternative for our users.

We have also created this manual solution to help you replace the default order confirmation e-mail with a "Thank You" note instead.


Yes, by default we will disable both the Order Processing and Order Completed emails and replace these with our supercharged email receipt.


Yes, currently our integration will only work with Stripe Relay.


No. Our pricing tiers are based on your number of customers. You can send an unlimited number of follow-ups, abandoned cart emails, and campaigns.

If your account needs to move to a new tier, we’ll let you know 7 days before the end of your current 30-day billing period. We’ll never prevent your emails from being sent out, even if you’re currently exceeding your plan limits.

We define a unique customer as any contact with at least one purchase in their order history.

Yes, new accounts are given a free 30 day trial of all of our Tools.

Once your free trial runs out, you will automatically get charged according to your tier, unless you cancel manually.

What happens if you reactivate Conversio after your trial expired?
We will keep all of your Conversio data (any templates/campaigns you had set up, as well as their related stats) for another 30 days after your trial expired. So if you reactivate Conversio within 30 days, all of that data will still be there for you.

Conversio currently only supports a single Commerce store integration per account. You will need to create a new account for each additional store you wish to integrate with Conversio.