Follow-Up Emails

Follow up for repeat revenue. Optimize your customer interactions and boost revenue by reminding your customers of how awesome you are. The probability of selling to an existing customer is 60% to 70% and we want to help you take advantage of that.

Follow-Up emails will engage your customers and keep them coming back. Use Conversio's data-backed intelligence to send your customers personalized follow-up emails that are automatically based on triggers and events that you specify.

We provide 7 proven templates to get you started. Your customers will love the customized approach that makes them feel unique.

Stand out with your customized and automated emails that actually help you sell more products.

Keep consistent branding within your interactions. Get noticed, turn heads and build trust.

Make the customer feel unique. Using various marketing modules (powered by Conversio Magic) you can create different follow-ups for different types of customers.

Keep your customer interactions running smoothly.

What I love most about this app is the ability to upsell your products inside emails all on auto-pilot.

Zinedine Omari @ Rats Makes Me Happy

How can this work for you?

One way to use Conversio’s Follow-Up emails is to re-engage your inactive customers and bring them back to your store. Learn how SpiritHoods (they’re our spirit animal customer) wins back 16% of previously inactive customers through a targeted, personalized follow-up campaign.

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You can send Follow-Up emails to customers in any of your automated customer segments based on these rules:

Delay After Specific Purchase

Reminder of Unused Coupon (from a Receipt)

Delay From Last Purchase

Delay From First Purchase

Delay From Becoming Idle

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Pro-Tip: Here’s the 12 Follow-Up emails that we recommend every store should be sending

(You can even download our free guide and worksheet.)

Want to know all the details about easy drag & drop features you can magically include with your Follow-Up emails?

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