Hi, my name is AWESOME! Help potential customers know exactly how great your store is, good feedback builds trust = additional revenue ($$).

Want to gain valuable insight about your customers thoughts and experiences with your business? With Conversio, you can collect Feedback from your customers via your Receipts or Follow-Up emails. Just think of the possibilities!

Get real-time responses and opinions from your customers. Happy customers means a happy and healthy store.

Give your customers a voice, make them feel valued and keep them engaged.

Get actionable feedback and insights to help you identify any problems.

Build credibility and trust using the Customer Feedback widget as social proof.

Fully customizable CSS allows you to take control of how everything looks.

We found that many clients out there actually do take advantage of the feedback option, instead of writing us an email, thus it is definitely an amazing outlet to have for communication with our clients.

Kat Vaihenberg, Director of Marketing @ Food to Live