Conversio Magic

Woahoaoaoa it’s MAGIC! This is all of the “stuff” Conversio just does for you in the background. it’s automated, dynamic, clever, integrated.
Sell More. Do Less.

Your All-in-One Marketing Dashboard

We want you to be spending time on your business and not in your business. We help you do all of your marketing - across various channels - all from your Conversio dashboard.

This means you can cut down on the money you spend on other tools and save the time of switching between multiple products and dashboards. That sounds pretty convenient, right?

If you take advantage of Conversio’s all-in-one dashboard, we also help you increase your data capabilities. You can learn more about your customer behaviours and then you can use that data to better personalize and supercharge all of your customer interactions.

All the functions of Conversio are really really great. I quit 2 apps after adding Conversio because Conversio makes all the stuff better, faster, easier and cheaper and are bringing more money to me.

Julie Fourel @ Joope

Marketing Modules For Your Emails

Our magical marketing modules knows your Ecommerce platforms (Shopify / WooCommerce / Bigcommerce) intimately and does all of the hard work for you, so that you can do less. These modules can be used in any of your emails (receipts, newsletters, follow-ups or cart recovery emails) and will increase your customer engagement rates.

  • Order Discount: get your customers coming back for more with a discount for their next order.
  • Shipping Discount: everyone wants free shipping on their next order. Give the customers what they want.
  • Product Recommendations: help customers discover other products of yours that they may like.
  • Refer-a-friend: get your customers to spread the word about your store and they get a discount in return. Cha ching!
  • Socialize: encourage social connection to your store through your receipts. Stay connected.
  • Latest Post: highlight your blog within your interactions. Make a connection with your customers through content.

Customer Segmentation

We know that you don’t have a lot of free time, because running your business requires every last minute of your time. But while you’re running your business, we’re doing the heavy lifting of learning and analyzing your customer behaviours.

Using what we learn about your customers, we can automatically put them into any of these customer segments:

  • First-Time Buyers
  • Repeat Customers
  • Active Repeat Customers
  • "At-Risk" Repeat Customers
  • "Inactive" Repeat Customers
  • Potential Customers

Now you can use these segments to send the right customers, the right kind of email, at the right time. Right?

Product Recommendation Algorithm

Some say that the machines will eventually rule the world. We’re more optimistic in our outlook. In the meantime, we’ll put the machines to work to help you sell more (you don’t have to lift a finger).

The Conversio machines look at all of your customer behaviours and then learns about their product preferences. We can then use those insights to show your customers the products they are most likely to love and buy.

These product recommendations can be displayed in any of your emails (receipts, newsletters, follow-ups or abandoned cart emails) even using our on-site recommendations widget. Want better search results? We can help with that too.

Store and Customer Insights

Why bounce around between your Conversio marketing dashboard and your analytics software, when we can give you a snapshot of your store’s performance. Easy.

Your Store Insights dashboard will include a snapshot of some of the key metrics that displays your progress: revenue, average order value, customer lifetime value, repeat purchase ratio and a couple of other goodies.

Along with your customer segmentation, you will be able to get some specific data for individual customers of yours. See when they first became a customer, how many orders they’ve placed and what the total amount spent has been.