Abandoned Cart Emails

Don’t leave money on the table. Remind your customers of all the things they wanted, but didn’t end up buying. On average, 70% of your customers will abandon their carts. We can help you recover that $$. They may be forgetful but you don’t have to be.

Start recovering your abandoned carts within minutes. Set up smart campaigns for different users whether they are a first time, inactive or repeat customers. Track your progress in the Dashboard, which will include all trackable shopping cart data.

Incentivize sales with our integrated, automated marketing modules courtesy of Conversio Magic. Change the shop-and-ditch game into shop-and-buy.

Create urgency to purchase.

Recover sales that would otherwise be lost.

Remind potential customers of their interest in your products.

Speak directly to the potential buyers and customize your message to match the situation.

Since Conversio added this cart abandonment, we have improved our recovery and been able to accurately track the success of our recover campaigns.

James Rhodes, CEO @ FiXT

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