Abandoned Cart Emails

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You’ve finally managed to get visitors for your store AND get them to add your products to their cart, but all of a sudden they leave. Conversio’s carefully crafted campaigns will help you to recover those lost sales.

How can you improve your abandoned cart recovery rate?

Every Ecommerce business suffers from a high number of abandoned carts (statistics suggests 70% of customers abandons their shopping cart) and are using similar tools to fight this. Conversio can help you stand out from the crowd and recover more of your abandoned carts. Here’s how Conversio can help you:

  • Automatically include personalised discount coupons (and easily segment that based on cart value or only send coupons to first-time buyers if you want)
  • Build social proof by showing the average star ratings or recent reviews for the products that have been abandoned.
  • Make an even better visual impression by dynamically showing product photos that your customers submitted of them using and loving your products.

Why you should choose Conversio's Abandoned Cart emails

The best part is that Conversio has pre-built recipes and email templates for you to supercharge your abandoned cart recovery in a few clicks. Our integrated Reviews allow you to automatically add social proof to your abandoned cart emails increasing your chances of recovering that revenue.

An impressive abandoned cart recovery rate of almost 12% by social proofing your emails

"Conversio’s product ratings and reviews tool have been especially great. The Conversio team made it super-easy for us to use this social proof in our emails, which means that our abandoned cart recovery rate is almost 12%."

Aron Schoenfeld, CEO at Cafe Joe USA

Make the most of your Abandoned Cart Emails

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High-performing marketing automations on easy mode.

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