Pastreez is an online shop selling Macarons - colorful and very delicious French cookies.


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Return on Investment


Higher Average Order Value


Increase of Overall Cart Recovery Rate

$2,500 Added Monthly Revenue (23x ROI) for a Flavorful Macaron Business

Pastreez is an online shop selling Macarons – colorful and very delicious French cookies – using Shopify and Conversio. Lots of Americans are currently discovering these tasty and great-looking sweets and the chefs at Pastreez are trying hard to cater to their customers every need. Here’s what they achieved by relying on Conversio:

  • 23x return on their investment in Conversio
  • The Average Order Value of customers who come to Pastreez through Conversio is 23.57% higher in comparison to the other customers.
  • These customers make 2.56% more purchases than the others
  • 50% increase of the overall cart recovery rate

See for yourself what the Co-Founder of Pastreez is saying about working with Conversio:

“Before we used Conversio, we were paying for multiple apps – including Mailchimp – for tiny features. We were looking for an app that would allow us to gather all the key features in one place. After choosing Conversio, Pastreez now has a global email marketing tool that is robust, has all the features we need and makes comparing and acting on data easy. A significant amount of our overall revenue now comes from our email marketing with Conversio.

What I love is that the traffic sent to our site by Conversio converts at the highest rate – 6.5% – compared to our other traffic sources. This is great, considering that most eCommerce websites have an overall conversion rate of about 2%. Additionally, Conversio has made it super easy to collect customer feedback and help us adjust our products to our customers’ needs.”

Anthony Rosemond, Co-Founder of Pastreez

What we do for Pastreez

Pastreez - Macarons online
Yami and Anthony founded Pastreez.

Within 4 months now, we have generated an additional $10,000 in revenue for them, spread over ~2500 email recipients in a 3-part email campaign that was completely adapted to Pastreez’ needs. They are currently paying $1,280 for Conversio each year, which translates to a 23x ROI.

And what’s more: This will be only be increasing since the return rate of customers who went through the Conversio campaign rose by 2,5%.

So what did we do specifically? Pastreez’ visitors now get a pop-up (via Privy) offer for 7 free macarons on their homepage. They get the voucher once they sign up, which triggers the Conversio email campaign. This campaign is based on our long-time experience, the personal wishes and experience of Anthony and his wife, founders of Pastreez, and an extensive customer survey. This means, we provided them with the tools to set up a campaign that is not any standard email campaign but completely adapted to their needs and the needs of their customers.

Pastreez’ decided to also set up our abandoned cart recovery feature, which lead to a 50% overall recovery rate increase! For the email campaign customers, it even rose by more than 150%, resulting in a 7.2% recovery rate.

We are very excited for Pastreez and are looking forward to the further growth and development of this awesome business because let’s be honest: Macarons should be offered at every party.

Do you want to grow your brand?

Pastreez added $2,500 in monthly revenue by using Conversio – from one campaign alone. The setup for something likes this takes an afternoon at most. If you want to earn more money from your store, like Pastreez, then you should sign-up for our 30-day free trial.