Food To Live is a family-run business that sells healthy, organic snacks and foods.


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Food to Live is a family-run high 6-figure business with one goal: making their customers healthier. They achieve that goal by offering their customers a wide range of healthy and organic food options as a starting point for a healthier lifestyle.

In that sense they pursue an instant, holistic connection and relationship with their customers. Kat Vaihenberg, Director of Marketing, elaborates on this: “We are attracted to having that very real-time relationship with our customers and being able to address our clients concerns and questions in a timely fashion.”

Why use Conversio?

Initially Food To Live hoped that Conversio would be a simple way of having nicer order confirmation e-mails. And maybe add something special like a coupon.

According to Vaihenberg, enabling that real-time relationship building with their customers was also an important goal: “We were hoping that Conversio would provide us with the software that would allow us to have the utmost customer service experience for our customers regardless of their experience with our product.”

Using Conversio

Receipts that can fuel a rocketship

Food To Live’s receipts are supercharged indeed. Using many of Conversio's available marketing components (discount coupon, product recommendations, referrals and social media links) they ensure that there’s an optimised touch point for every unique customer.

This multi-faceted approach has enabled them to achieve incredible results from their receipts: 12.35% of customers engage with one of the marketing components, which results in a whopping $23.46 in new revenue (per receipt sent).

Connecting with customers on feedback

Gathering over 270 pieces of customer feedback via both their receipts and a post-purchase follow-up e-mail each month has also been an expected benefit: “We also found that many clients out there actually do take advantage of the feedback option, instead of writing us an email, thus it is definitely an amazing outlet to have for communication with our clients.”

An all-in approach

Food To Live’s secret in getting the most value from their Conversio account is that they use all the available tools.

So in addition to supercharging their receipts and customer feedback with Conversio, they’re also sending multiple follow-up e-mails, recovering abandoned carts and suggesting the best products for customers via recommendations and search results on their site. Food to Live makes 671 USD on every dollar spent on Conversio - splendid!

The results from this all-in and consolidated approach has been the biggest surprise that Food To Live has experienced from Conversio according to Alex Melnik (owner):

Our biggest surprise of using Conversio was that the tool - which was initially supposed to be a way to merely send nice-looking order confirmation emails - has been transformed in a powerful and elegant email marketing platform. It has definitely enabled us to go to a next level in the post order customer relationship management.