FiXT is a forward-thinking independent record label comprised of a group of world-class electronic, alternative, and hybrid artists.


Music, Fashion & Apparel


United States

eCommerce Platform



Conversion Rate on Product Recommendation Widgets


Recovery Rate of Abandoned Carts

43% - 94%

Increase in AOV when Product Recommendations or Abandoned Cart emails are used


FiXT has been in business for 10 years in an industry that has been revolutionized in that time: music. They sell music along with related merchandise for their artists, whilst their biggest revenue channel today is music streaming. As co-founder, James Rhodes, explains: “We’ve never depended on just a single revenue channel.”

Why use CM Commerce?

When FiXT first started using Shopify that they were pretty underwhelmed with it’s built-in receipt abilities. They went searching for an alternative and found CM Commerce. James says: "Our initial hope was to find a way to add a visually engaging yet personal touch to our receipt emails and have a way to recommend additional products that customers might like. CM Commerce has delivered just that and plenty more."

James says they started their trial of CM Commerce thereafter and have not looked back since, also implementing many of CM Commerce’s other tools, allowing them to save money on other tools they were using.

"Since we joined, CM Commerce has continued to add new features and has been able to replace other apps we were paying for separately, because it covers so much ground all in one place now."

Using CM Commerce

As with most of CM Commerce's customers, FiXT’s receipt metrics are great: $2 new revenue per receipt with an average open rate that exceeds 75%. But that’s not the most impressive part of FiXT’s marketing efforts.

FiXT has a very high ratio of customers making at least one repeat purchase. To help them accomplish this, they do three things:

  1. They include a discount coupon in their receipt to incentivize customers to make a second purchase.
  2. If that in-receipt discount coupon remains unused, they send a follow-up email on the day of expiry to tap into some urgency and to remind the customer that this is still available.
  3. A month after a first-time customer has made a purchase, they’ll get another follow-up email from FiXT to prompt them to make another purchase, using a combination of a promotional offer and personalised product recommendations.

As is the case with all Ecommerce stores, some of FiXT’s customers do abandon their carts at checkout. FiXT however recovers 8.7% of those carts and the average order value (AOV) of those recovered carts are 94% higher than the AOV of other orders.

Before using CM Commerce's cart abandonment functionality, FiXT were using an alternative solution. Since switching to CM Commerce, James says their conversions have improved greatly: "We have improved our recovery and been able to accurately track the success of our recover campaigns. It not only solved our problem, but took us several steps further..."

That increase in AOV is definitely helped by FiXT’s usage of CM Commerce’s on-site product recommendation widgets, which has a whopping 40.6% conversion rate. For customers that only interacts with the product recommendation widgets, the AOV is 43% higher than other orders. This definitely suggests that a good combination of bringing abandoned shoppers back to the website (via a well-timed email sequence) and then helping them discover more products that they like, will increase AOV significantly.

To put this all in perspective; FiXT runs a business and does marketing in a way their customers love. As James recently said on the podcast: “One of the biggest assets we’ve had is building a direct relationships with our customers.”

And we can back that up with some data:

99% of FiXT’s customers that have given them post-purchase feedback via their receipts, have been happy and positive.