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+ 61%

Increase in their overall conversion rate


In revenue for every dollar spent on email marketing


Improvement on email open rates since switching from Mailchimp

A 60% increase in conversion rates for Israel’s leading coffee provider

Cafe Joe is Israel’s leading coffee chain with over 250 branches and points-of-sale across the country. For their US online store, they use Shopify and Conversio. Today their goal is to bring their fantastic taste and rich aroma to the coffee-loving community in the US. Here’s a few of their achievements using Conversio in recent months:

  • Increased their overall conversion rate from 3.1% to over 5% (+ 61%!).
  • Earning more than $58 in revenue for every dollar spent on email marketing.
  • Improved email open rates by 36% since switching from Mailchimp.
  • Using product ratings and reviews in their abandoned cart sequences, they have a whopping 11.8% recovery rate.
  • A product review submission rate of 21.4%.

When we chatted to Aron Schoenfeld, CEO at Cafe Joe USA, this is what he said about using Conversio:

“The extensive capabilities of Conversio really make it an all-in-one solution and we were able to cut out all of the extra apps we needed for Shopify like reviews, automation and newsletters that were running separately. Switching to Conversio has seen our overall conversion rates increase from about 3.1% to over 5%. Using Conversio’s powerful segmentation, our email open rates have also increased by 36% compared to our Mailchimp account.

Conversio’s product ratings and reviews tool have been especially great. The Conversio team made it super-easy for us to use this social proof in our emails, which means that our abandoned cart recovery rate is almost 12%.

The reporting in Conversio have also allowed us to figure out what products sell best and customer reviews have helped us determine what our customers’ biggest obstacles and challenges here. I highly recommend Conversio; it seems to be the simplest and most advanced tool out there.”

- Aron Schoenfeld, CEO at Cafe Joe USA

Earning more than $58 in revenue for every dollar spent on email marketing.

What Conversio does for Cafe Joe USA

In the first 5 months since switching to Conversio, Cafe Joe has seen their overall conversion rate increase from about 3.1% to more than 5%.

One of the biggest drivers of this success is the activation of an extensive email marketing strategy, which was crafted by Conversio’s in-house email expert, Becs Kemm. The strategy has performed really well with an average of $58 in revenue being earned for every dollar spent on email marketing (or a 58X return on investment).

Cafe Joe’s email strategy is based on sending prospects and customers a beautifully designed, personalised email at every stage of their journey. From email receipts with tailored upsells to targeting their repeat customer segment with unique calls-to-action. Where they have however seen the biggest win is with their abandoned cart email sequence that recovers almost 12% of all carts abandoned.

How have they achieved such a good abandoned cart recovery rate? Since switching to Conversio, they have been including product ratings and reviews in their emails which gives every customer a full overview of the products they have abandoned.

With a large part of our team being coffee snobs addicts, it’s always fun working with a leading brand like Cafe Joe. We’re excited to continue growing with them and hope to grab a cup of Cafe Joe ourselves in future.

Do you want to grow your brand?

Cafe Joe have grown their revenue by 60% by increasing their conversion rate since switching to Conversio. If you want to grow your store on auto-pilot with Conversio’s all-in-one solution, then you should sign-up for our 30-day free trial.