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    Supporting Ocado to Grow & Scale Their Acquisition Testing Programme

    “Partnering with Conversio has been a transformative experience for our business.”


    Shelby Moncherry Desfosse

    Digital Product & Optimisation Lead


    lift in checkout conversion rate

    Key Focus Areas

    • Meaningful personalisation
    • Fostering a culture of experimentation
    • User centric ideation

    Client Overview and Partnership Inception

    Ocado, the UK’s largest pure-play online grocer, is dedicated to transforming the grocery shopping experience with a focus on convenience and efficiency. Our collaboration with Ocado commenced in 2021, marking the beginning of a strategic partnership aimed at enhancing their customer experience through experimentation and personalisation.

    Challenges Faced and Strategic Focus

    One of Ocado’s primary objectives was to drive new customer acquisition in the incredibly competitive UK grocery market.  The challenge lay in developing a deep understanding of the needs of potential new customers and adapting the shopping experience to meet those needs to drive impactful results.

    Approach and Execution

    User-Centric Ideation: Collaborating closely with Ocado to understand specific segment needs, user-centric optimisation efforts shaped a customised testing roadmap to deliver meaningful personalisations.

    Diversity in Testing: Diversifying the testing roadmap facilitated the extraction of valuable insights rapidly, across strategies, to broaden the scope of opportunity.

    Program Scaling: Methodology that allowed for simultaneous testing enabled multiple independent tests within the acquisition segment, accelerating experimentation insights while preserving data integrity.

    Key Points and Success Highlights

    Strategic Personalisation: Customised journey experiences support users in their first shopping experience, driving acquisition goals and demonstrating a dedication to a customer first approach.

    Culture of Experimentation: Success of testing efforts garnered trust from stakeholders, fostering a culture of experimentation within Ocado, leading to continuous improvement and data-driven decision-making.

    Continuous Innovation: With meaningful personalisations serving the Ocado customer, the stage is set for continuing to test bold hypotheses and ongoing enhancement opportunities, across segments, to drive sustainable growth.

    Impact: 6% increase in users booking delivery slots and a 2% lift in mobile checkout conversion illustrate how incremental wins across the funnel contribute to positive acquisition metrics. Ocado has seen a +41% YoY growth in new registrations, with AOV for this segment lifting +2%.  By continuously improving the user experience and targeting users beyond their first shop, Ocado has seen a +2pp YoY increase in retention to the fifth shop, leading to a growing active customer base.

    Client feedback

    “Partnering with Conversio has been a transformative experience for our business. From the very first consultation, the team displayed a deep understanding of our challenges and goals. They have been a critical part of our CRO programme for the last 3 years, at the beginning helping us get started, supporting us with our long term projects. 

    I highly recommend Conversio to any business looking to optimise their online presence and drive measurable results. Their professionalism and dedication make them a standout partner.”

    Shelby Moncherry Desfosse

    Digital Product & Optimisation Lead

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