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    Enhancing Value Perception at Monsoon & Accessorize

    “Conversio provided incredibly valuable insight to support and extend upon core business strategies.”

    Jamie Russell

    Ecommerce Development Manager


    lift to conversion rate

    Key Focus Areas

    • Supporting a price sensitive shopper
    • Simple but effective strategies
    • Optimising for customer loyalty


    Monsoon, founded by Peter Simon, is a vibrant lifestyle brand known for its colourful, hand-crafted artisan clothes catering to women and children. Offering a diverse range of clothing, shoes, accessories, and home items, Monsoon prioritises ethical trading and actively supports impactful projects benefiting women and children in Asia. With a foundation in London trading bohemian-inspired pieces, Monsoon upholds sustainability values and operates a charitable trust. Their product range includes attire for weddings, holidays, and everyday wear, characterised by quality craftsmanship and unique designs.

    Challenges Faced and Strategic Focus

    • In the current economic landscape, consumer behaviour leans towards price sensitivity.
    • Research on Monsoon & Accessorize websites demonstrated how this impacted abandonment rates, with users exhibiting heightened price sensitivity lower down the funnel.
    • To enhance conversions in a price-sensitive market, it was essential to reinforce the value proposition throughout the funnel without compromising brand integrity.

    Approach and Execution

    Short-term wins: Through experimentation, effective strategies were identified to improve funnel metrics by reinforcing messaging and managing expectations, better supporting a price sensitive user. Initial successes justified a continued focus in this area.

    Long-term intent: User journey mapping paved the way for a sustained focus on optimising the loyalty journey. Acknowledging the significance of recognising customer loyalty through value savings, these brands’ loyalty programs stand out, underscoring the necessity of delivering a top-tier personalised customer experience.

    Key Points and Success Highlights

    Data-driven CTA updates: Monsoon & Accessorize implemented a data-driven update to CTAs across PDPs. Results demonstrated that considered, simple changes can often drive significant impact and warrant inclusion in a testing program.

    Checkout Progression: By managing expectations through service messaging, we supported lower funnel progression, highlighting the importance of a holistic approach to the user journey.

    Set up for success: Insights into the loyalty journey and refreshed data points aligned stakeholders on the optimisation potential. This comprehensive approach sets us up for long-term success and continued focus in this area.

    Impact: Optimisation strategies addressing user values proved impactful driving an 11% increase in add-to-bag rates, a 13% lift to conversion and a 7% drop in abandonment. Experimentation uncovered solutions that drove immediate results, allowing our client to make small updates ahead of peak periods supporting growth and a value-driven customer journey.

    Client feedback

    “Conversio provided incredibly valuable insight to support and extend upon core business strategies allowing us to channel focus on site areas with the highest potential; critical amidst challenging trading conditions. A series of targeted tests, despite their simplicity, drove significant revenue gains translating into a positive trend shift for topline metrics.

    This process is an important aspect in being able to quantify the value the CRO programme and Conversio add to the business. We’ve formed a strong working relationship with the team over the last few years and have every confidence in the guidance and recommendations that they make.”

    Jamie Russell

    ECommerce Development Manager

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