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    Sustaining Engagement: Boosting User Subscriptions at Laithwaites Wine

    “Working in partnership with Conversio, we’ve seen tangible performance gains over the recent years.”

    Dave Wood

    Ecommerce Manager


    percentage point lift in subscription sales

    Key Focus Areas

    • Customer retention
    • Addressing barriers to purchase
    • Building on upselling opportunity

    Client Overview

    Laithwaites, a family-owned wine seller for over 50 years, was founded by Tony Laithwaites’ passion for sharing authentic Bordeaux wines. Today, sourcing directly from family wineries and offering 800 selected wines yearly, Laithwaites maintains quality, value, and sustainability. With 454 winemakers and a focus on eco-friendly practices like offsetting delivery emissions, Laithwaites responsibly connects wine lovers with exceptional wines.

    Challenges Faced and Strategic Focus

    The subscription service at Laithwaites Wine offers substantial value, quality and convenience for customers, however, the journey needed optimisation to drive conversions and enhance customer retention. The challenge lay in effectively communicating subscription pricing amidst an already complex tiered pricing structure, aiming to avoid choice overwhelm and prioritise a user-centric approach.

    Approach and Execution

    Strengthening Foundations: Experimentation supported a complete rework of the existing pricing panel content, establishing a robust foundation for incorporating additional pricing options like subscriptions.

    Content Optimisation: Subscription content was revamped and tested with the user in mind, addressing purchase barriers to foster trust and confidence. A mobile-optimised UX intended to resolve device level performance disparities.

    Cart Upselling Enhancement: Optimisation strategies enhanced visibility and simplified the purchase process to boost subscription conversions among high-intent users.


    Key Points and Success Highlights

    Data-Driven PDP Launch:  Laithwaites launched a data-driven update to pricing panel content across product detail pages, serving a more streamlined experience to facilitate comprehension of the product offering.

    Enhanced Subscription Approach:  Users were more engaged and informed as subscriptions were seamlessly integrated into the primary purchase decision through well-structured content, emphasising key messages to support higher conversion rates.

    Impact:  With a 3.9 percentage point increase in add-to-bag clicks, the updated product detail page design is effectively encouraging purchase behaviour. Additionally, optimising upsell activities at the cart stage has resulted in a notable 4 percentage point rise in subscription sales. This improvement at a critical point in the funnel supports Laithwaites’ long-term focus on customer retention.


    “Working in partnership with Conversio we’ve seen tangible performance gains over the recent years. They’ve been able to help us tackle particularly complex areas, across multiple purchase points, by introducing a more user-centric approach to testing, and a roadmap of future test iterations. Data is at the heart of what Conversio do, which enables us to work with experts in identifying key pain points/opportunities and looking at suitable solutions to address these via a robust, but flexible, test plan.”

    Dave Wood

    Ecommerce Manager

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