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    Driving Digital Transformation for Edyn’s Optimisation Programme

    “Collaborating with Conversio has been crucial to Edyn’s website development strategy.”

    Melissa Patel

    Head of ECommerce


    lift to mobile conversion rate

    Key Focus Areas

    • Implementing optimisation as a core business function
    • Demonstrating value
    • Discovery & insight led experimentation

    Client Overview

    Part of the Edyn group, Locke blends beautifully designed spaces and lifestyle elements with the comfort and flexibility of serviced apartments, creating unique properties that deliver vibrant experiences rooted in their local communities. Backed by real estate expertise and a seasoned development team, Edyn’s scalable business model offers operational flexibility and exceptional economic resilience.

    Challenges Faced and Strategic Focus

    The digital team at Edyn sought to implement a comprehensive optimisation program to enhance site performance and foster data-driven decision-making. With no prior investment in optimisation, lacking a CRO team or testing program, the primary goal was to showcase the value of optimisation efforts over a 6-month period to secure broader organisational support and investment.

    Approach and Execution

    Discovery & Insight Process:  Our discovery & insight process was instrumental in deepening understanding of funnel metrics and user behaviour. Thorough journey, page, and funnel analysis complemented by sophisticated user polls and user research we uncovered user intent, challenges, needs, and priorities effectively.

    Data-Driven Roadmap:  Leveraging both qualitative and quantitative insights, we established the foundation for the testing program, crafting impactful hypotheses. This approach set the stage for a roadmap centred on implementing significant testing initiatives supported by stakeholder engagement.

    Key Points and Success Highlights

    Immediate Value Demonstration: A successful return on investment demonstrated the experimentation program showcased immediate value for Edyn. Enhanced understanding of user behaviour and preferences surfaced as a significant success factor.

    Operational Efficiency: Testing accelerated decision-making with quick answers from testing results, fostering productive discussions on content value and optimisation opportunities.

    Cultural Shift Towards Experimentation: Experimentation has become a core function at Edyn, showcasing how strategic optimisation efforts drive ongoing enhancement and innovation in digital realms.

    Impact: With an 85% increase in test velocity over the last six months, Edyn’s heightened focus on optimisation has enabled a broader testing scope allowing us to support multiple objectives. Recent strategies addressing mobile navigational challenges resulted in a 10% lift in mobile conversion; these results emphasise the importance of integrating experimentation as a core function, reflected in the +0.4pp lift to site wide conversion.

    Client feedback

    Collaborating with Conversio has been crucial to Edyn’s website development strategy and our goal of driving direct bookings. Their data-driven and insight-led testing methods allowed us to identify key conversion obstacles and implement rapid solutions. This approach delivered results much faster than traditional development methods, significantly enhancing our market responsiveness and effectiveness.”

    Melissa Patel

    Head of Ecommerce

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