Build your brand for real people, with real people.

Inclusion. Not Influence.

The Brand Trust Platform is about inclusion and diversity- it empowers your real customers to help them represent your true brand. We need more opinions and perspectives; not less.

Build your brand for real people with the help of your customers.

CM Commerce provides you with the tools you need to embed your customer reviews and photos anywhere and craft a more wholesome brand. Read more about why we are introducing the Brand Trust Platform.

Right now, there’s an elite few influencers who market and sell manicured, insincere products and experiences on social media. We know that this isn’t real or authentic. Let’s change this, it all starts with you.

Visual product Reviews

Make your customers feel valued

Engage your customers by giving them a voice and presence while you build brand trust. Give the power back to your real customers to represent your brand.

Product Reviews blocks for your emails

Emails + Reviews combinations

CM Commerce does post-purchase emails differently. We can dynamically add reviews, abandoned products, and more. Make your brand stand out in your customer's emails with CM Commerce's unique Emails + Reviews formulas.

Multiple on-site widgets

Reviews + Ratings everywhere

Craft a more honest, open and transparent experience: Make your ratings and reviews relevant and visible in as many customer interactions as possible. Display your Ratings + Reviews with a variety of different, contextual on-site widgets and create an omnipresent brand experience.

A recent Ipsos Global Trends study found that 76% of US consumers decided from which brand they will buy based on positive and negative reviews.

Ipsos Global Trends study

Media library for all User Generated Content

Embed customer reviews and photos anywhere

It’s easy for you to craft better, more authentic and wholesome product stories in their emails with CM Commerce’s media library. It’is the first-of-its-kind to offer this feature within the same dashboard.

Trust Block for your emails

Take that one step further with our Trust Block

Build trust and a kinder relationship with your customers from your emails and giveby giving them peace of mind before they buy. We recommend that brands use this block in any email where the goal is a making a sale.

The Ipsos Global Trends study also found out that 65% of US consumers feel “brands I trust are more important than ever to me”.

Ipsos Global Trends study

Brand Trust PlatformTM Academy

We have selected few videos below with some tips and tricks to help you to start making the most of our new Brand Trust Platform.

6 Principles for fantastic Product Reviews

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5 Clever tactics to get more Product Reviews

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Your About page, an under rated brand building asset

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Are you ready to change the world for the better?

The next, big Ecommerce brands will focus on building real relationships with their customers and crafting a brand those customers absolutely love. All of their interactions with their customers will be smarter, richer, more personal and better timed. Conversations will be kinder and rooted in mutual trust.

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