Popping Up! We now have Popups ⬆️

Along with today’s announcement that we are now CM Commerce, we’re very excited about the first major product investment we’ve been able to make since joining Campaign Monitor: Popups.

One of our significant goals has always been to help you eliminate unnecessary apps from your marketing stack and consolidate as much of your workflow as much as possible. That is why CM Commerce remains the only email marketing automation solution that also enables Ecommerce brands to collect and leverage product reviews and user-generated content.

When we set out to build our own popups, we wanted to build something that was super-easy to use and that could fit into your current CM Commerce dashboard and workflow seamlessly. We effectively wanted to create a shortcut for you to capture a new lead or email subscriber via a popup and then immediately drop them into a welcome or nurturing workflow (where we have many pre-built recipes ready to go for you).

Here’s a quick overview of the primary features that are available for Popups today:

  • Create a new popup, link it to a mailing list of your choice and activate it to start capturing new subscribers on your website immediately.
  • Popup can be triggered in one of two ways:
    • After x amount of time spent on a website;
    • And/or based on “exit intent” i.e. as soon as the user’s mouse scrolls outside of the browser window.
  • You can capture as many meta data fields (custom properties) for a subscriber as you want and then use that to segment and personalise your emails. (TIP: Capture subscriber or customer birthdays and send them a surprise on their birthdays.)
  • Easily edit the design of popups with our WYSIWYG editor. Or just use one of our pre-designed themes.

All that’s left for you now, is to pop on over to your CM Commerce dashboard and create your first popup. It’s already available and included in your current pricing plan. 🎈

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  1. We are stoked to see this, but have to be greedy and ask when you might be adding triggering options to the pop ups? It important for us to show certain pop ups to the right people. Customer based in US see one pop up everyone else see another.. we also show pop ups according to what url the customer is on.. etc, etc..

      1. Hey Anthony, we love all thing Receiptful/Conversio/CM Commerce.. 🙂 but we use AIVA Labs and its these features that are preventing us from making the switch over to this new product. Triggering is extremely important to us, as we have around 15 variations of pop up that are triggered depending on a number of factors the most commonly used we have is location of the visitor because on one of our stores we offer pop ups in different languages, but we also use “url contains” a great deal as well. For example we sell custom riding boots and we have a specific pop up when a customer is on the product page containing “riding-boots” which advises that we work with all customers 1-2-1 on all boot purchases following their order they will be contacted by a human being to make sure that their size choice is 100% correct, we saw a 300% increase in orders on this product after we introduced this pop up. We also use the transitions feature as well so we can decide where the pop up comes in from and where it is displayed on the screen. The panel is extremely intuitive & sadly until this product has the same or similar configuration we wont moving just yet. 🙂

  2. @Charles / @Anthony – We’ve made a note about these suggestions, since we are planning out our 12-month roadmap at this stage and popups is likely to get a lot of love. 🙂

    1. Awesome, thanks Adii I am looking forward to switching over, it makes total sense for us not to be importing subscribers from our other pop up provider and congrats on the deal with CM Commerce! 🙂

  3. Does this mean Adii is leaving the company ?

    Also on a side note can you guys create the feature to combine multiple shopify stores into one conversio account, especially for stores that use subdomains for different countries, it means they have to use multiple conversio accounts and this isn’t user friendly. It would be much easier to be able to access all shopify stores under one conversio account.

    1. @David – Nope, y’all are still stuck with me. I’m still leading the team and product, and excited about the investment into our product roadmap. 🙂

      RE: multi-store and -account support. This is something that is on our radar and we will be exploring ways in which we can improve this (especially since Shopify too are migrating to a single sign-on solution).

  4. Hey, Adii! I agree with your topic. Yes, we have now popups. Popups have major benefits:
    -they are cost savers.
    -they provide less risk.
    -they allow a chance to test the market for your product.
    Thanks for showing us the many ways to embed popups in-app or websites.

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