Giveaway: Introducing the new ViralSweep integration

We’d like to introduce our newest integration with ViralSweep in the best way we can possibly imagine: By using ViralSweep to host our own giveaway. 🤓 

I’ll let the giveaway below do the talking first. So give it a go and then read the rest of the article below to learn more about how you can use Conversio & ViralSweep together.

ViralSweep has a built a big set of tools that will help you engage your audience in a way that could lead to viral / word-of-mouth marketing. “Going viral” is always an important goal for any business, because it can give your growth an exponential boost unlike most other marketing tactics.

What we love most about ViralSweep’s tools is that it leverages your existing audience as a way to extend your marketing reach. If you consider that it generally costs 5 to 7 times more to acquire a new customer (compared to retaining an existing one), incentivizing your existing audience to find other people that would be interested in your brand or products makes total sense.

ViralSweep helps you to run a contest, giveaway or sweepstake with a strong social focus. The latter is important to get the viral loop spinning and it involves your audience telling others about your campaign via either email or by taking some social action.

Keep the good times coming

But what happens after that campaign runs out?

Most campaigns will not run for much more than a week, because you want to create a sense of urgency and want to cram as much talk about your campaign into a contained moment in time (that way you are a bigger part of the current mindshare of your audience). After all of that good work and engagement, you don’t want the conversation to stop there.

This is where Conversio can help out. 🤗 Using our new ViralSweep integration, you can seamlessly sync your new audience members to lists in Conversio. Here’s a couple of ways in which you can use then use Conversio to also grow your revenue (and make your contest, giveaway or sweepstake profitable):

  • Set up a follow-up email sequence for all of the new prospects that joins your list (i.e. those that enter your contest and has never purchased from you before). Use this sequence to tell them more about your brand, share your best-sellers / most highly rated products, as well as what your other customers are saying about your products.
  • Assuming your contest entrants have consented to receive other emails from you (ViralSweep has a nifty “Newsletter Subscribe” form field for this), then send them regular email newsletters.
  • Another angle would be to use your contest as an incentive to enrich your data about your existing subscribers or customers. You can ask them for their birthday and then send those customers a special email and discount on their birthday.

When you implement some of these tactics, you can extend the impact that your ViralSweep campaigns has; both in terms of revenue growth and getting new revenue coming in beyond the campaign itself. 📊💥

Only two things left to do now:

  1. Enter our giveaway above and see how we will put all of this into practice ourselves. 🤓
  2. Brainstorm your first contest and how Conversio can help you make the most of it.

Photo by Pablo Heimplatz on Unsplash

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