New Shoelace Integration

To say that I’m excited to announce our new integration with Shoelace would be an extreme understatement. We’ve been working with the Shoelace team since January and in an ideal world (which building software is not), we would’ve announced this integration a long time ago.

Alas, we managed to use the additional time to refine our integration and properly beta test this with a few mutual Conversio and Shoelace customers. This should be to everyone’s benefit as we can finally open the doors and let all of you in.

Say hello to Shoelace

Shoelace puts your retargeting on autopilot. This means that out-of-the-box, Shoelace will propose and create Facebook ad campaigns for you based on the past actions that your website visitors and customers have taken.

We have teamed up with Shoelace to use your Conversio data to suggest very contextual and tailored retargeting campaigns based on what your customers are doing.

For the first version of our integration, you can retarget any prospective customer that has abandoned their shopping cart, as well as any recipient of an email newsletter that you have sent via Conversio. This is how this works:

  • A customer abandons their shopping cart on your store. They immediately enter your abandoned cart email sequence powered by Conversio which starts sending them reminders of their cart. To boost the conversions from that campaign, you can also activate a Shoelace-powered retargeting campaign. This means that your prospective customers will be reminded of their abandoned cart via both email and a Facebook ad campaign, which would increase the visibility and effectiveness of your recovery efforts.
  • For your email newsletters, this works in a similar way. For every newsletter that you send via Conversio, Shoelace will propose a Facebook ad campaign that highlights the primary call-to-action from the newsletter. They will then display a Facebook ad campaign to all recipients of the newsletter, which will again boost the engagement that your marketing campaign should get since you’re using both email and paid advertising (to extend the campaign’s reach).
Example of what a newsletter retargeting campaign looks like

Learn more about how you can boost these campaigns with retargeting.

Putting our money where our mouth is

It’s not often that we get to test software (even our own) in real life environments. In most situations, we test things in an abstracted way and then learn once we get feedback from our customers. For Shoelace this is a little different…

In the last couple of months, I’ve been using Shoelace on my wife’s Shopify store (ClipinHair) and it’s been remarkable. Here’s a look at her all-time stats from her Shoelace dashboard:

Quick math should show you a 20x ROI on ad spend 🙂

The best part of this is that 99% of these stats were from Shoelace exclusively and before we could even test the new Conversio integration. Suffice to say, I activated the Abandoned Cart retargeting campaign in Shoelace and within the first 3 days of activation, it recovered an additional cart (which was way beyond the 20x all-time ROI level).

You can thus see why we’re so excited to finally release this integration and recommend Shoelace to all of our customers. 🙂

Boost Your Conversio Account with Shoelace

The statistics are compelling and there are very few marketing strategies that you can put in place this easily that will give you a similar ROI on your money & time. Give Shoelace a go for the next couple of months and experience how it will boost your Conversio campaigns.
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    1. Hi Rachel,

      I’m sorry to say that Shoelace is currently unavailable for WooCommerce stores… 🙁
      All the best!

  1. Hey,
    Thanks so much for this post. It is so important to keep up with customers who may change their mind while shopping. It is great that Shoelace allows you to encourage them to continue with their purchase!

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