Is your search tool losing you customers?

Losing customers is never good, but all stores do. And what may not be as obvious are the potential customers we lose, who fly under the radar because they haven’t purchased yet.

Your store’s visitors can be divided into 2 main groups: Surfers and Searchers.

Surfers just look through your store without having a specific goal. They need prompts and guidance to see the products they might like so they make a purchase, even though they hadn’t intended to.

Searchers know exactly what they want and are most likely to convert. If you’ve got what they’re looking for, there’s a chance you might miss them if your search tool doesn’t serve them the right results.

Here’s where the need for Searchanise, our intelligent search tool comes in.

When we launched Searchanise, we asked our customers:

“What issues do you face with your current search tool?”

Most of them reported completely irrelevant search results. Their customers tried looking for something and either they were suggested the wrong products or worse, got a “Nothing found” result. And if can’t find what they’re looking for, they’ll probably leave without a purchase.
Searchanise’s 4 key search term features
Here’s the things we know help customers get more accurate search results:

  • Spell checking and typo correction
  • Search term autocomplete
  • Intelligent personalized search suggestions
  • “Did you mean” suggestions if nothing is found
Searchanise search result showing autocomplete and intelligent search suggestions

Those are just the basics though! And with Searchanise, we go a step further. Show a preview of the product and key info to speed up the product buying process and increases the chances of buying. You can also customize the look and feel of the search (including showing price options, in-stock statuses and sale labels right in the search dropdown).

And now with our new Conversio integration, you can display your Product Review ratings in the results too!

Searchanise recommendation block showing new products

And that’s not all you can do. Searchanise includes recommendation blocks to upsell and cross-sell products in your store. They are dynamic based on your store’s content and customer history, and update automatically when things change. Add these blocks to different pages of your store and make your Surfers not only buy once, but buy more.
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