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I’d like to quickly transport you back to 2016, where Conversio was a great tool to engage your customers (those that have made an actual purchase), but we didn’t have the ability to help you connect with prospective customers.

Fast forward to today, where can also announce our new integration with Privy, a tool to help you grow your email list. And we have a brand new feature to help you convert your prospects and newsletter signups to first-time customers (more about that below).

That means that since the beginning of 2017, we’ve now added integrations for various lead generation tools (Optinmonster, Pixelpop and Privy), new functionality for Welcome E-mails and the ability to create simple, drip campaigns.

Let’s talk about Privy first

Privy bills itself as an email list growth platform and their tools are designed to help you build relationships, incentivize conversions, and drive revenue. You can do this with Privy’s customizable popups, exit intent banners, and powerful targeting.

There’s two things that we really like about Privy.

The first is that it’s really easy to get started on their Free plan. Whilst it’s limited, you can start using one popup, which will give you a good feel for what they offer.

And then when you’re ready to really kickstart the way you can use Privy, they have advanced targeting (or we’d call it, segmentation) features for all of their popups.

What this means is that you have the ability to either do a proper deep dive and set things up on a very granular level. Or you can just take the easier, less hands-on route. Either one should be fine and help you grow your email list.

Want to learn more about how you can connect your Privy account to Conversio? Click here to start growing your email list and converting those subscribers to customers.

Get 25% off Privy for 3 months!

We’ve teamed up with the Privy team to get a special offer for all Conversio customers. When signing up for a Privy account, use the coupon code CONVERSIO to get 25% off any of their paid plans for your first 3 months. Sounds like a sweet deal.
Get your Privy account (and discount) now!

How about converting those prospects / signups to first-time buyers?

At the beginning of this article, I mentioned that we have a new feature to help you convert the newsletter signups you can generate via Privy (as well as our integrations with Pixelpop & Optinmonster) into first-time buyers.

The thing is that it’s create to grow your email list. Size does matter and don’t believe anyone that says otherwise. 🙂

But if you only consider the size of your email list, then it’s also a vanity metric. What’s important is what you do with that list, which means how to engage those signups and get them to make a purchase from you.

If you are great at engaging and converting those subscribers, then the size of your email list will result in more revenue for you. If you’re not great at it, then the size of your list becomes irrelevant.

This is where Conversio can help out though. We have created a simple way for you to convert your prospects to first-time buyers.

The default campaign ready in your dashboard 🙂

You can now set up a follow-up email campaign which will target your newsletter signups (only those that have not yet made a purchase from you i.e. “Prospects”) and send them the emails in the campaign until they make a purchase (or until the email campaign comes to an end). As with our other email tools, you can use all of the existing modules to send personalised, targeted emails to individual subscribers.

Learn more about how to do this in your Conversio account here.

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