Introducing Receipt Segmentation and Shopify Tags Support

Marketers that possess the ability to personalise their activities to speak to each prospect or customer uniquely have a real superpower.

Conversio exists to make you a marketing superhero and ultimately help you grow your business. Personalisation is just one of the superpowers with which we hope to equip you, which is why many of recent product improvements (here’s a full list of the things we released in the last 2 months) was geared towards strengthening that superpower:

If you have not noticed, Conversio continues to evolve and grow pretty quickly at the moment. While being rooted in our desire to build simple, easy-to-use tools, we are adding powerful, advanced features too.

Today we’ve got two new features to expand your personalisation capabilities even more.

Segmentation for your receipts

Email receipts remains such a powerful marketing opportunity. Across our whole population, receipts is the single email type that by far has the best open and click rates. Just in the last 30 days, receipts earned Conversio merchants more than $600k in additional revenue.

Before today, you could only segment your receipts between First-Time Buyers and Repeat Customers. With today’s release though, we’re taking off the training wheels completely and you can now use our full suite of segmentation capabilities for your receipts. Imagine how you could use these opportunities now:

  • Have a product that is a little bit more special than your other products? Send a special receipt for that product only.
  • Give your most loyal or biggest spenders a little extra love. Or if they’re already Rewards members, remind them of their perks.
  • Even better… If they’re not Rewards members, remind them to claim their points for this order.

What this helps you do is highlight a specific action (for example: signing up to your Rewards program and claim points) that a specific type of customer (in this case, non-Rewards members) should take. The great thing about doing this using your receipts (and now segmentation) is that you can leverage those beautiful 70%+ open rates.

Bonus: Segment using your Shopify Customer Tags

Tags are a great way for you to manually organise your customer records in a specific way. With today’s product update, you can now easily use your Shopify Customer Tags in Conversio segments:

Advanced segmentation can be simple and infinitely powerful

We got this idea from one of our customers (DockATot) who have been using Conversio-powered email receipts for a while. Using Conversio’s dynamic marketing blocks in their receipts, they’ve achieved a whopping 12%+ click rate and earned more than $4 in new revenue for every receipt sent.

This worked well for the vast majority of their customers, but they wanted to send a tailored receipt for their wholesale customers without detracting from the performance of their existing receipts:

“The moment we started using Conversio, our receipts started producing results and increased sales. Now that Conversio has added the ability to send specific receipts to specific customers, they’re going to be even better.”

If you don’t have wholesale customers, another way to use tags would be to tag your favourite or most engaged customers. Or maybe you have an “Inner Circle” of customers that you just want to treat differently.

You probably have a subjective way of determining which of your customers qualifies for either those, which is what makes tags a good way to achieve that.

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  1. The developments you guys are putting in are blowing our minds!! we asked about this a few weeks ago as we are launching a German version of our website and wanted to send receipts and follow ups in their native language, this will allow us to do this on auto pilot. FANTASTIC!!

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