Dig the Data, Anniversary Edition

The Conversio rebrand stole the show in November, but let’s not forget that Conversio (previously Receiptful) recently had its two-year anniversary. In this edition of Dig the Data, we celebrate the joyous event with lots of graphs.

What does exponential growth look like? Press play and find out.

(Hint: If you are on your phone, I recommend turning it over to landscape mode and reloading this page. If you are on a desktop, I recommend viewing the visualization in its standalone version.)

Here are a few fun observations:

  • During the first half of the period, the number of sent receipts grows exponentially.
  • It took nine months to send one million receipts and then a bit more than a year to get to 25+ million.
  • People from the entire globe have clicked on one of our emails, including a few on Antarctica. πŸ˜‰

The data

This visualization uses send and click stats from all our email types (receipts, follow-ups and abandoned carts), all conversions, and the two types of widgets that are clickable (recommendations and search).

The first data point is a receipt from October 21, 2014 — sent during the beta-testing phase of Conversio. The official launch day was November 1, 2014 and the last data point is from November 1, 2016.

The map of country interactions is based on email clicks. Location information is unavailable for the widget clicks so they are excluded from the map and are only visible on the click counters.

View the visualization on its own here.

By the way, we launched Newsletters the day after our anniversary. I suggest you check it out if you haven’t done so already.

Don’t forget… our awesome Customer Success team is always ready to help if you have any questions. πŸ™‚

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