Introducing Custom Properties: Personalise all of your emails even more

Marketers are always looking for ways in which to personalise the emails they send to subscribers and customers even more.

Why is that the case?

For starters, personalized email messages improve click-through rates by an average of 14% and conversions by 10% (source). And a quick Google will give you a plethora of other stats that will motivate you to find those ways to send more personalised emails.

Here at Conversio, we’ve built various tools over the years to help you better personalise your emails and make your email marketing more profitable.

We’ve had you covered on the basics (like including your customer’s name in emails) and were one of the first email marketing solutions that could include personalised and unique discount coupons or tailored product recommendations in emails.

In the last year, we have also built advanced and custom segmentation capabilities to trigger emails that reach your customers precisely at the right time and stage of their journey (for example, going from prospect to first-time buyer to repeat customer).

Today we’re taking that a step further by introducing Custom Properties.

Tell Conversio more about your customers

Out-of-the-box Conversio helps you track a lot of data about your customers. The things that we can track in this way though takes a standardised approach.

With Custom Properties we want to give the power back to you, because you know your customers best and you have information – that can assist your sales and marketing efforts via email – that we don’t (yet) know about.

Before I show you how easy we’ve made it to use Custom Properties (and we’ve given you multiple ways of doing this), here is some quick examples that we worked on with customers during our beta:

  • If you sell to both men and women, it would be great for you to know the gender of your customers. That way you can easily segment your emails and promote gender-specific products to each group.
  • Maybe it’s something very specific to your product and when or how you sell it to your customers. Take Project Nursery for example who sell to soon-to-be or new moms. For their customers that are expecting a baby, they capture the due date and are able to send emails based on that date.
  • Or perhaps you’re using a loyalty / referral / reward platform that we don’t yet support (you should check out our recently release integration though), then you can add their referral link to emails sent via customer. Cue exponential viral referral growth (hopefully).

I have to say though that in a way sharing these examples detracts from the purpose of Custom Properties: it is supposed to be your blank canvas to add whatever unique data you have about your customers. Our intention is for the sky to be the limits here.

Now let’s look at the three ways in which you can use Custom Properties today.

The first way is to request this information from new subscribers or customers using our subscription forms. So when they sign up to any of your mailing lists, you immediately have richer data about them.

(What about if you already have a lot of customer data elsewhere? Well, in that case you can just import this into your Conversio account via a CSV.)

Now that you are starting to capture that data, you can start using it as variables in your emails:

And you are also to select specific Custom Properties which you would like to use as segment criteria. Sticking to our Baby Store example here… Say they want to know whether a customer is purchasing for themselves or for a friend who is expecting a baby, they could create a simple segment that looks like this:

Custom Segment and Properties
Example of a segment where a soon-to-be mom is purchasing for themselves

Now it’s over to you… How can you use Custom Properties today?

Also… Unveiling a new era

You would’ve noticed a few changes at ConversioHQ in recent weeks.

All of our recent feature releases (and there have been many of them) have focused exclusively on our email and reviews tools. And in some instances, we’ve focused specifically on how those tools overlap to build innovative features that are unique to Conversio.

We have also changed our pricing and are working closely with ambitious entrepreneurs and marketers that wants to move their business to the next level. (If you want to learn about the strategies and tactics that these businesses use, join us for our Ecommerce Expansion Triangle webinar.)

To add to this momentum, we’re also announcing Conversio Pro. Custom Properties is the first Conversio Pro feature too.

Conversio Pro will be a sub-set of features which not every Ecommerce business needs. It may be because it requires greater technical know-how or just that it is a more limited or niche use case.

The good news is that Conversio Pro is available to everyone for free today and we’ll keep this free for the next 6 months. We are building more Pro features during this time to fully showcase the power and capabilities of Pro. We are also very keen to work alongside all of our customers on specific strategies and tactics in using these tools.

And the better news is that our upcoming Pro features will not detract from other features that doesn’t require a Pro plan. In fact, next month we’re release two massive new reviews features.

Are you excited or very excited?

Photo by Tiffany Nutt on Unsplash

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    1. With this introduction of Pro, only Custom Properties are available. We hope to add things like Custom HTML Blocks (for emails), Syncing segments to Facebook Custom Audiences and A/B testing in the coming months.

  1. Conversio has been my go to email complain platform and you guys are great. Just few improvements on newsletter emails if you can add newest items auto pull feature so can send newsletter only with new items automatically populated so don’t have to manually select items for the newsletter compain would be great 🙂

    Davit @

      1. Thank you Adii

        I add new products almost every day but I want to send newsletters out twice a week with new products 🙂

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