Your marketing needs to be consensual now (Thanks, GDPR!)

In our team, we have regularly looked at the GDPR and felt confused or frustrated in recent months. To lighten the mood though one of engineers (Joao) made a typo and renamed our Slack channel to #grpd. Adam, one of our designers, also suggested that GDPR is really short for “Giving Data Privacy Rights”.

A little trolling has never been a bad thing.

If you have felt anything like this in recent months, we’re hoping that we can lighten your load a little. You have a business to run and you need to wrap up your GDPR compliance without fuss.

We have already updated Conversio with new features and tools to help you with your GDPR compliance. And we leveraged our email receipt superpowers to give you an exclusive tool to ensure you get consent from customers to send them post-purchase emails.

tl;dr We’ve got your back on the email front.

Now the elephant in room is on-site tracking

In addition to email marketing, the GDPR has wide-reaching implications for other forms of marketing, especially where any personal information is involved and stored or used in subsequent marketing campaigns. If your website visitor or customer does not consent to this, then you should not track them or store any of their details.

What does this mean in human terms? You can’t add browser cookies for the user or do things like retargeting if your customer has not explicitly consented to this.

We’re not legal experts, but believe it’s safe to say that this potentially has far-reaching implications to any of your online marketing tools that has previously relied on tracking visitor/customer behaviour and/or used cookies to do so.

When Conversio first noticed the elephant in our room, we realised that our software too leveraged an on-site tracking script to track your conversions and improve your product recommendation algorithm.

We couldn’t do that without proper consent anymore. So we built something to make you a better (and more consensual) marketer.

Introducing Cooki. Our new, free app to help you get proper consent (before you do something that can get you in trouble).

Cooki is not unlike the “EU Cookie Banner” apps that you have seen in the last year or two. It’s a simple banner notification app that notifies your visitors and customers that they are being tracked and cookie’d.

There are two major differences with Cooki though:

  1. We will actually log the consent for you. So if you ever had to prove someone’s consent, you can do so. (“Better safe, than sorry”, my mom always said.)
  2. When a visitor or customer declines the consent, we will actually switch off any on-site tracking (i.e. the tracking script Conversio uses for conversions & the recommendation algorithm).

Let’s see Cooki in action:

On top of the sweetness in that video, we have included simple text snippets in the app to help you update your Privacy Policy to explain which data you are storing and using for them via Conversio. Simply copy+paste that and we can assure that at least one part of your Privacy Policy is GDPR-compliant (and Conversio’ified).

Oh, did I emphasise that Cooki is free for anyone to use today?

Note: We’re also releasing an update to Cooki next week, that will allow you to disable all cookies on your website if your website visitors declines the consent.

How about your other apps though? What are they doing about tracking, cookies and consent?

We have also built Cooki in the most open way possible and we would love to see other apps within the ecosystem stand on our shoulders. To do this, we have built a super-simple (yet powerful) API which any app provider can use to check whether the visitor / customer has declined consent. If they have done so, those other apps too can be GDPR-compliant by switching off their on-site tracking and cookie’ing.

If you are using an app on your store that does any kind of on-site tracking, you will want them to leverage Cooki ASAP. The best way to get them to do that, is to send them a link to this article and ask them to contact us on

We want you to be GDPR compliant, stay out of trouble and build a huge, successful business. So we will work with any partners that wants to tap into some Cooki awesomeness. You just need to convince them that it’s in their best interest to do the same that we have done. It is, after all, about you and your business. 🙂

Cooki is available immediately. Go here to get your free account today.

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  1. This sounds amazing! Free too!! Wow!

    Awesome, although, Conversio is already awesome, so I shouldn’t be surprised.

    Just a headsup, there is a typo on the websites welcome page:
    Nice to meet you! Create a free account and start creating Cookie notifications and Privacy polocies for your store.

    Privacy Policies**

    Keep up the amazing work!


    1. Thanks for the heads up, Simon. We’ll get that fixed up ASAP.

      Thanks too for the kind words. Let us know what you think about Cooki once you have it installed & set up. #5mins 😉

    1. Nope – you can use this on any Ecommerce platform. 🙂 On the screen where you are editing / setting up the notification, there are details to implement it manually on any website / store.

  2. As usual, Conversio has our back. The single most important app in my store. And Ashleigh & Julia, in customer service, are rockstars.

    1. Boom! Thanks for the kind words, Lawren.

      We’re always here to have your back and help you be more successful!

    1. It already is. 🙂

      If you sign up directly via, you can add it to WP / WC without a plugin. When you edit a notification, there’s instructions on how to just include the one line of Javascript to display the banner.

  3. Is this something that can be customized to only show when someone from the EU visits my store? 99% of my site visitors are in the US, I don’t want to show this for everyone just because of the .3% that are in the EU.

    1. We’ve got your back with this. 🙂 There is a setting for the notification that enables you to only show it to EU visitors.

  4. Once again, you guys rock! You saved my butt (and all the pain that come with this whole GDPR compliance thing)! Thank you!

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