Let’s have a conversation about how to rejuvenate your stale abandoned cart emails

(Psst, Adii here. In this post I’m going to first highlight all of the problems with your abandoned cart emails and why they are not converting. But then I’m going to tell you about the brand new tools we have for you to start making money. And I’ll even share a teaser of additional new things that are to come.)

Depending on whose research and statistics you would like to trust, between 70% – 80% of all online shopping carts are abandoned. I won’t re-hash the fact that this truly sucks when you have spent a lot of time and money to get visitors to your store and you convinced them to purchase, only for them to abandon the cart on the final step.

The most prevalent and popular way of combating this today is by using an automated email sequence that follows up with prospects that abandoned a cart. This works pretty well and also scales efficiently since it is an automated tactic which does not require store owners and marketers to spend a lot of time on it. Following the best practices in this regard can help you recover 5% to 15% of your abandoned carts, which will give any store quite a nice revenue boost.

But here’s the problem: With so many good tools available for abandoned cart recovery, every merchant is using similar best practices and sending emails that looks the same. We (all of us, yes), have coached and conditioned our customers to now expect an email if they abandon a cart. This results in greater ignorance, less engagement and ultimately lower efficacy in converting.

That problem is then compounded too: In any week, your customer may be shopping with multiple other online retailers, where there is a likelihood of 70% to 80% that they’re abandoning carts there too. So in the same week they’re getting abandoned cart emails from you, they’re also getting them from so many other retailers / brands.

So how do you stand out in that crowd?

It’s probably like playing a game of Where’s Waldo…

Say hello to your purple cow and new sales assistant

Genius marketer, Seth Godin, says that the way to stand out from the crowd and be truly remarkable is to be the purple cow. When all the other cows are brown or a combo of white and black, what you want to be is purple.

With this in mind, we have some brand new tools that will turn your abandoned cart emails into the proverbial purple cow in your customers’ inboxes.

The great news is that some of these tools are ready for you right now. The better news is that we have even more tools coming that will transform your purple cow into a high-performance sales assistant. A money-making autopilot.

Supercharge your recovery rate with social proof

Nearly 70% of consumers rely on reviews and ratings when making a purchase. Yet when it comes to recovering abandoned cart email sequences, product reviews and ratings are nowhere to be found.

We have a sneaky suspicion that the reason for this is that most email marketing solutions does not have their own product reviews functionality or proper, native integrations with review providers. Luckily for you, Conversio is an all-in-one email marketing solution which means we can create this opportunity for you.

To breathe some new life into your abandoned cart emails, here’s two things that you can start doing with our new tools right away:

1) Get a ★★★★★ open rate (aka Purple Cow’ing your subject lines)

I’ll set this up for you. Remember that GIF above with Waldo? You know how you would’ve spotted him so much easier? Just make him look differently!

So let’s do that for your subject lines. With this new tool, you can include the best rating for products that were abandoned in your subject line.

Here’s a subject line that we tried with some of our customers: “You left some ★★★★★ products in your cart! :(“

Now imagine how differently that looks like in your customers inbox… See the purple cow?

It’s too early for us to quantify the boost you can expect, but in our trials, we already saw open rates get a boost. (Watch this space – we’ll share some data and insights about this shortly.)

Use the merge tag {{highestAverageRating}} to show the star rating as part of your subject line.

2) Remind your customers what they’re missing (aka Purple Cow’ing your email content)

In addition to your subject line, we have spruced up the abandoned cart details block. For every product that was abandoned, you can now show the ★★★★★ rating.

This serves exactly the same purpose as using product reviews and ratings on your website. It does however help in reminding your customers that they have the opportunity to purchase some highly rated and popular products from you.

Look at how differently the “Old Way” and “New Way” looks… Who is the purple cow now?

Want to start using these new tools? Sign up for your free 30-day trial of Conversio today. You can start sending these emails with our smart defaults within 3 minutes. Guaranteed.

Throwing “Hail Mary!” Passes…. Touchdown!

We’re going to be honest with you: even with these awesome tools, you will still not convert all your shopping cart abandoners right now.

Maybe the time is just not right for them to purchase right now. Maybe they just need a little nudge or reminder of your brand and products in future.

Staying in touch with prospects that have abandoned a cart and not consented to receive other marketing emails from you is very hard. The GDPR has not made this easier either. But we’ve got some ideas and tools to help you with this. Here is two new features we have added:

  1. We have previously limited abandoned cart email sequences to three emails as to not encourage pushiness. You can now send a fourth email, which we recommend you send after 7 days.
  2. We have adapted our “Opt-in” module (for receipts) to now work in your abandoned cart email sequence – and especially that new, fourth email – too.

What does this mean? Well – if you can’t convert a cart abandoner after the first three emails, then it’s probably not the best time right now. In that case, why not get them to subscribe to your newsletter instead and then keep them engaged over weeks / months with some great content. Having that connection increases your likelihood that the timing may be right for them to make a purchase in future.

Wait! You said something about “sales assistant”?

Yes, we did.

The above tools (which are available right now) is the start of a bigger project for us to totally rejuvenate your abandoned cart email sequences. There has not been a lot of innovation in this space for a while and we want to change that.

In the next couple of weeks, we will be releasing more tools that will make your abandoned cart email sequences act more like a human sales assistant. We’ll build tools for you to highlight unique features of products or reasons to purchase. And we’ll use your customer testimonials to make your claims sound much more credible.

Your abandoned cart emails don’t have to feel so generic and impersonal anymore. There are ways in which they can still be automated, but feel more like an actual salesperson talking to a customer about your products.

We want you to sell your products in the way that all great salespeople would. So stay tuned for what’s to come in the next couple of weeks.

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    1. We like this too. ☺️

      Yes – if you would like to use this (assuming you already have product reviews within your Conversio account), you should need to enable a setting for your abandoned cart emails to start showing review data too.

  1. Good reminder since we sometimes forget to refresh the things we automate.
    Looks like the product reviews is automatically on though in receipt.

    1. We took some liberties here, Noelle. 🙂 If you have product reviews with us and are sending abandoned cart emails, we activated this for you to give you an immediate bump in your recovery rate.

  2. Hi Adii, we have our product reviews with Judge.me the thought of transferring all of these over to you guys and re configuring on our store makes my head spin as you probably know we are not tech people. (although we would not be adverse to do it) As I understand it though you work with Judge.me with some level of integration, is it not possible to display our rating from judge.me on the products?? Thanks Charles.

    1. @Charles – We believe in consolidating the usage of apps, because it is generally more cost-efficient to do so and just more convenient and simpler to use fewer apps. Judge.me have a great product, but we don’t have an integration for them at the moment and are unlikely to build one considering that we have native review tools. You could manually export your ratings from Judge.me periodically and import them into Conversio which means you can tap into some of this awesomeness. Or you can just switch to Conversio completely and have us automatically do all of this for you. 🙂 I’ve also sent you an email to help out.

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