Conversio is powering up: All the new stuff we have released recently

The last couple of months has flown by here at ConversioHQ. Since we made the decision to focus on only email and reviews tools, we have managed to release a bunch of new things to improve the product and help take your email marketing to the next level.

This post is a quick recap of the things we have built for you recently. We know that you likely have a never-ending to do list already, so working through a long list of new things to check out is not viable.

Instead I only want to add two items to your to do list:

  1. Read through the list of new features below (it’ll take you 2 minutes) and pick one thing that you think will add value to your business today. Then ping our Customer Success team via your dashboard so that we can help you implement that one thing.
  2. Many of the things we have built have been focused on helping you recover more of your abandoned cart revenue. Read an article I wrote for WooCommerce last week (don’t worry – the tactics apply regardless of which Ecommerce platform you use), which details 5 ways you can boost your recovery rate with some emerging tips & tricks.

Let’s get into the goodies we’ve released recently:

Phew! That is quite a mouthful even for me to write out.

And we’re not slowing down either… Later this month we will be levelling up our product review functionality greatly before releasing new features to help you build trust next month. Both of these will be big new releases that will help you make the most of upcoming peak retail season (from Black Friday through Cyber Monday and then Christmas).

In the meantime, if you want to learn more about how to use some of these new features to level up your email marketing, you should join us on an upcoming webinar.

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