Recover more of your abandoned carts by being different and going back to basics

(Teaser: The first part of this article is going to sound like the Zombie Apocalypse is on your doorstep. Read on though, because we have the tools for you to overcome those Zombies.)

In the last 4 years, a couple of things have happened:

  1. The Global GDP increased by about 9%. (Source)
  2. The number of people in the world with internet access rose by 8%. (Source)
  3. Software has eaten the world and become more cost-efficient and accessible (whereas previously only “Big Business” had access to this).
  4. We’ve made huge advancement with AI, machine learning & bots to create truly powerful tools.
  5. Yet – the abandoned cart rate for Ecommerce still rose by about 2%(Source)

Connecting those dots, suggests that something is off here. With greater spending capabilities and more powerful tools, businesses should’ve found ways to better combat the crippling 80% cart abandonment rates.

We believe we’ve discovered part of the answer for this concerning trend: There has been little to no innovation in abandoned cart recovery for years.

Everybody is using a version of the same approach using similar tools (that all copied each other best practice principles).

In a world that is constantly speeding up, we’re automating even more practices in the hope of scaling our effort & time. The result is often an impersonal, scattergun approach that overwhelms your customers. (And doesn’t get you the recovery rate you are trying hard to get.)

It’s not all doom-and-gloom though.

There are ways for you to stop being a sheep that follows convention and stand out from the crowd.

And we’ve got some new tools to help you with that.

Rocket fuel for your abandoned cart recovery tactics

The first step to regniting the rocket called Abandoned Cart Recovery is to start standing out from the crowd. Your competitors and the rest of the marketplace is zigging and you need to zag.

A couple of weeks we released new features that helps you get noticed in your customers’ inboxes. Using your product reviews and social proofs in your abandoned cart emails today means you are already different compared to 99% of other retailers. (We also released

additional features to help you get more product reviews and greatly increase your social proof in a short period of time.)

When we released these features, we had very little data. But only a short few weeks later, we’re starting to see some emerging trends to support all of our marketing speak. Consider these two recent testimonials from Conversio-powered businesses:

“From the range of features (I mean, how many apps give you email flows, reviews AND search functions among others), to the easy integration and the great notifications, Conversio not only makes business more efficient but so much more effective. It literally prints money! And a 33% abandoned cart recovery rate? That’s INSANE! But I’ll take it.

Adam Milikins, Owner @ Roasted Fox

“I remember reading your reviews when we were still deciding whether to go with Conversio or not and thinking to myself ‘are these reviews for real or not?’ Well I can definitely say that we’ve received some world class service from you and your team. Your tech is already making a big difference especially with abandoned shopping carts. Our cart recovery is 17% when the average rate is 7%.

Arvid Yap, Ops Director @ Colette & Lola

What would your business look like if you can also increase your abandoned cart recovery by 10%?

With only a little bit of innovation, out-of-box thinking and zag’ing, we’ve helped early-adopters of these Conversio tools to recover more revenue.

Imagine what you can achieve when we innovate even more…

Sales 101: Back to basics

Technology often tricks us into believing that “everything has changed”. At the core though, while human beings evolve, we are still fundamentally the same too.

Human psychology does not change as quickly as technology, which means there are some basic, fundamental principles of selling that is still true and valuable today.

When I then speak of Conversio further innovating, I’m actually saying that we have found an efficient way for you to automatically include Sales 101 basics in your abandoned cart email campaigns. Instead of a generic, scattergun approach, our new tools acts more like a traditional salesperson that is having a one-on-one conversation with a customer.

Today we’re announcing two new email blocks that will put your abandoned cart recovery rate on a rocketship trajectory:

Featured Product Block

We went back to 1940 to give the Unique Selling Proposition (USP) a new lease of life. With the new Featured Product Block, we enable you to craft up to three, primary benefits (all which supports the USP) of your product. When a customer then abandons a cart with a featured product, you re-sell them on the benefits of the product, as well as the primary reasons to buy that product.

This is how you should would sell IRL and now you can sell like this, beautifully in your Conversio-powered abandoned cart emails:

Activating this is as simple as adding the benefits / USP text for your products (we recommend starting with your best sellers). We take care of the rest.

Recent Reviews Block

We did not stop there though. Regardless of how compelling your marketing copy is, some customers will remain skeptical and might just need another, little nudge to persuade them.

The best way to do that is through reviews or social proof. This acts as an independent advocate for your brand and products.

Using the new Recent Reviews Block means we can show recent 5 star reviews from your customers for the products left behind in their cart. Look at how spectacular this looks:

This is a double-whammy sales approach: use clever, marketing copy to re-sell your customers by highlighting your product USP’s AND get your happy customers to independently reinforce that with positive reviews.

Consider the old way we were trying to recover carts, compared to this new way:

Both of these features are available today and can be activated within minutes.

What are you waiting for?

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