New Shoelace Integration

To say that I’m excited to announce our new integration with Shoelace would be an extreme understatement. We’ve been working with the Shoelace team since January and in an ideal […]

Light bulb that is heating up and smoke is coming off it. This represents heating up with a heatmap which we present in the newest volume of dig the data


Dig the Data, Heating Up

Spring is coming to The Northern Hemisphere, the world is slowly heating up, and in this edition of Dig the Data, we take the temperature of the websites that use […]


New Privy Integration

I’d like to quickly transport you back to 2016, where Conversio was a great tool to engage your customers (those that have made an actual purchase), but we didn’t have […]

Woman and a man sitting looking at a computer and tablet


New Pixelpop Integration

We’re following up our feature release earlier this month (welcome emails, drip campaigns and an Optinmonster integration) with an awesome new integration for Pixelpop. Meet Pixelpop Well-designed and targeted popups […]

Man pointing towards the sky with both arms. There are fireworks going off in front of him where he is pointing.


Dig the Data, Anniversary Edition

The Conversio rebrand stole the show in November, but let’s not forget that Conversio (previously Receiptful) recently had its two-year anniversary. In this edition of Dig the Data, we celebrate […]