The Simplest Email Marketing Funnel

When you think about email marketing, what comes to your mind? You may smile for a bit and say: “Automation. Funnels.”

Afterwards, you may stop for a while and whisper: “Sequences. Segmentation.”

Before you know it, you’ve stopped whatever it is you’re doing, and now you’re sitting in a fetal position, chanting email marketing terms over and over again: “Triggers. Events. Blah. Blah. Blah.”


The key to a successful email marketing is mastering the basic principles, before anything else.

Building the simplest email marketing funnel in the world is like building the foundation for your house.

It doesn’t matter how many rooms you’d like, how fancy the layout of your house will be or if it looks like Batman’s Bat Cave – as long as you have a solid foundation of the house.

The same rings true for email marketing.

Mastery means understanding the basics first – learning to crawl before you walk, then learning to walk before you run – so that once you have a clear understanding of the simplest version of your email marketing funnel, you can improve it and add advanced features over time.

Understand the core building blocks of your email marketing funnel first. The foundation of your email marketing funnel will always be the same, but the tools and strategies you add will evolve as your business grows.

In this week’s video, we’re going to talk about the simplest email marketing funnel that will help you convert customers and boost your business tremendously:

Whatever your niche is, whoever your target customers are, or whatever products you’d like to feature – it doesn’t matter! As long as your core – your simple email marketing funnel – is solid and stable, you’re halfway there.

Simplest Email Marketing Funnel: 4 Basic Steps

1. Cold Traffic

Ask yourself: “Before anything else… How can I get any traffic to my website/blog/social media profile?”

Obviously, you can’t sell hotdogs if your hotdog stand is located in the middle of nowhere, right?

If you don’t even have traffic in the first place, there’s no way you can progress to the next three steps.

How do you drive cold traffic?

You can get cold traffic through paid acquisition such as Facebook ads, Google Adwords, Instagram sponsored posts, content marketing and SEO strategies.

Great! Next question is, how do you identify cold traffic?

Implement lead magnets and provide incentives to visitors who trust you with their contact information so you can get them to subscribe to your email list.

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2. Prospects

These are people who opt to receive your emails but haven’t bought from you…yet.

Since sales is essentially a numbers game: the more prospects you include in your funnel, the more customers you can potentially have.

3. First-Time Customers

A successful email marketing funnel converts prospects into customers.

You can do this by setting up:

Abandoned cart recovery campaign: Encourage your prospects to check out by offering them discounted vouchers or “buy-one-take-one” coupons.
Nurturing email sequence: Steadily send emails encouraging your prospects to purchase your products/services. You do this over a period of time.

4. Repeat Customers

The key question you need to answer is: “How can I encourage my first-time customer to buy from me over and again?”

Once you have a proven system to move a person from being a prospect to a repeat customer, you’ve already established a simple but highly effective email marketing funnel that’ll help you with growing your business.

Check out this video today and feel free to share your views in the comments below. So stoked to hear from you!


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