How to Influence Your Customers to Buy More, More Often

Chloë Thomas is the founder of eCommerce MasterPlan.
She is a best selling Author, speaker, and host of the eCommerce MasterPlan podcast. She’s been deeply involved in Ecommerce marketing for over a decade.

In Chloë’s latest book: Customer Persuasion, she provides step by step guidance on “How to Influence your Customers to Buy More”, depending on the stage your Ecommerce business is in at the moment. Plus, she shows you how to determine your business stage, and where you should be directing your focus right now.

In this episode, we go over the key notes and learnings from the book, to help you make more sales, and create a repeat customer base.

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Some of the best quotes from the episode:

Nowadays, your customer service issues will end up on social media. Click To Tweet There are different relationship levels with your customers, you need to work out which of these is most important. Click To Tweet It’s very important to get the email address, because most people don’t come to your website to buy anyway Click To Tweet

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