What Everybody Ought to Know About Failure with Nic Harry

9 out of 10 of Nic’s previous businesses were failures. And that’s something which he attributes to his current success.

In this episode, we spoke to Nic Haralambous, who admits to having a sock fetish. Nic is the founder of the luxury men’s brand, Nic Harry, and started his business by selling socks that he had to Photoshop into pairs. His first stock cost only $300, which he quickly converted to almost $5000 in sales.

We also dive into how he started selling socks to get out of a depressive funk, what he’s learn about being an entrepreneur and running physical retail stores is much easier than Ecommerce.

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Some of the best quotes from the episode:

I’m pretty well-versed in failure. Click To Tweet This thing has grown a little bigger than I thought it would. Click To Tweet Our business is about gut decisions with a little bit of data behind it. Click To Tweet Business is about tenacity, resilience and how much pain you can handle. Click To Tweet You have to be pre-conditioned to like the not-fun parts of being an entrepreneur. Click To Tweet How do you know what success looks like if you haven’t failed? Click To Tweet We solve problems manually for as long as we physically can. Click To Tweet You have to offer value before you sell something. Click To Tweet

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