Now You Can Stay True to Yourself While Growing with Oberon Design

Oberon Design was born at a time before technology was what it is today. Neither social media or Ecommerce existed.

In this episode, we talked to Oberon Vice-President, Becca Smith, who passionately shares their story and says “There’s life beyond your phone”. Becca – a cancer survivor – tells us how they’ve grown their handmade leather goods business, where they started promoting their goods at faires before getting their first website build in 2000. But she says: “We’ve made a good a living, but it’s never been about making a lot of money.”

Tune in as we speak about being unique, making things that are valuable and how customers rely on businesses to be honest.

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Some of the best quotes from the episode:

We make everything we make. So we can make our own decisions. We’re independent. Click To Tweet People are more interested in American-made things today, but for years nobody cared. Click To Tweet It’s hard for people to imagine that anything happens without the use technology. Click To Tweet There is life beyond your phone. Click To Tweet The most important thing is that you make something of valuable and something that is unique. Click To Tweet We’ve made a good a living, but it’s never been about making a lot of money. Click To Tweet It’s harder & harder to catch all the new waves in the marketplace. It takes a lot energy, savvy & smarts. Click To Tweet Our customers rely on us for honesty and integrity. Click To Tweet Be yourself. Be an individual. Don’t be afraid of that. Click To Tweet

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