How to Focus on Your Product with Q-See Security

Rishi Sharma, GM of Q-See Security, has had an interesting journey to say the least.

In this episode, Rishi shares how he worked on Obama’s election campaign before moving into local government, whereafter he joined Q-See in Customer Service. Over time he worked his way to the top and is now General Manager. He credits the lessons he learned from his grandparents, who taught him to take chances and live a life without regret.

Rishi also shares how they focus on the quality of their products, their customer service and how they’ve built a distribution network via big retailers.

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Some of the best quotes from the episode:

Take chances and live a life without regrets. Click To Tweet Meditation has helped me put life in perspective and step outside of situation in crisis. Click To Tweet Connect with your customers around a bigger goal than just buying the product. Click To Tweet Customer support is everything! Click To Tweet Our biggest initial investment was the quality of our products. Click To Tweet

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