The Picasso Method for being a better email marketer

If you can choose between teleporting to different countries in a span of one day or learning more about how to be a better email marketer…

How soon would you like to get started with your email marketing lessons?

Now, in a world where information is practically everywhere on the Internet, it makes sense for you to turn to email marketing providers for more information about how to leverage email marketing in your business.

However, there are two obstacles to these:

Popularity: When you’re learning from them, your competitor’s most likely learning the exact, same thing.

Wider audience: Since they’re catering to a general audience – from beginners to experts – you can’t find highly specific topics with details that you want to explore more.

In this week’s video, we’re going to discuss about the Picasso Method of learning about email marketing:

Pablo Picasso is known for the statement:

“Good designers copy. Great designers steal.”

Something controversial to think about as you sip your morning coffee, right?

Anyway, thanks to this popular quote, I’ve managed to develop four effective ways that can help you learn more about email marketing and become a better email marketer:

The Picasso Method: Four Ways To Learn More About Email Marketing

1. Go to Really Good Emails

Here, you’ll find a massive collection of emails – really good ones. (Thanks, Captain Obvious!)

Why you’ll benefit from this:

Since it’s a repository of finely curated emails that give you only the best examples, spanning over different industries and various categories, you can get visual inspiration.

It can help you identify key elements in your branding and how it correlates to your email marketing campaign overall.

2. Turn to opinionated email marketing influencers

Look for thought leaders in the email marketing niche.

Sometimes, you may like what they’re saying because it gives you more conviction over your own thoughts.

Other times, you may like to crush your keyboard because you’re so busy typing out a 10-page letter of disagreement with their latest piece because it managed to offend, entertain and educate you – all at the same time.

Why you’ll benefit from this:

They challenge you to view email marketing from different perspectives. In turn, you may shift your focus on other relevant activities that you need to be doing.

Best benefit? You’ll pick up new ideologies that aren’t exactly mainstream.

Plus one for the hipsters.

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3. Join work groups or communities relevant to your niche

For Ecommerce, there are Facebook groups you can learn from.

If you prefer to join a community with highly engaged members, there are various options you can choose from! Women-only email marketers, Marvel-fans emails marketers…even email marketers who love their pets!

Why you’ll benefit from this:

As you turn to like-minded professionals (who are not your competitors, obviously), you’ll realize that you’re not alone.

Here, you’ll find people who share the same challenges that you have – and hopefully, they’ve faced that challenge before you did, so now they can give you sensible advice that you trust.

4. Steal with your eyes.

Yes, you can look.

You can’t touch…

But you can get inspiration and copy from the big and best brands in your chosen niche.

Join their mailing list. Browse their website. Abandon your shopping cart. Make a purchase!

Why you’ll benefit from this:

Assuming you maintain your objectivity, this exercise is helpful since you’ll be at the receiving end of a reputable brand’s email marketing campaign.

This way, you can find out what are the things you’d like to achieve – as a customer – and this’ll influence the way you conduct your email marketing campaign in the future.

Consider the time and resources you spent here to be an investment.

After all, you get first-hand information about their effective email marketing sequence, right?

Check out this video today and I’d love to hear your comments below whether you have other helpful ways to learn more about email marketing.

Talk to you soon!


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