Newsletters Don’t Have to be Difficult

Every second counts... and you have between two and eight seconds for your email to resonate with the reader. Today we are overloaded with emails (and information in general). Newsletters are a subtle art form and we want to make sure you understand all the nuances and get the attention you deserve. This awareness can mean the difference between gaining a purchase or going to the trash. It’s time to make sure you are using newsletters to your advantage. We’ve created a handy guide on the ins and outs of good looking and successful newsletters. This eBook is packed with helpful hints, tips and perhaps a surprise or two!

  • Read this if you want to:
  • - Know how to create beautiful layouts;
  • - Understand fonts and typography and how how to use them correctly;
  • - Use color psychology to have an effect on your readers;
  • - Master how to give your content the most impact;
  • - Increase sales by engaging your readers.

The Secrets of the Elusive Newsletter

A handy guide to getting started with email marketing