5 Ways to Work with Freelancers to Boost Traffic and Conversions

How to maximise your time and tap into freelancer skills in the most effective way

One of the difficult parts of running a start-up is getting the business off the ground.  Being virtually unknown, you have to employ strategies that will get your brand in front of your target audience. This is easier said than done.

The most sensible and perhaps the easiest way to get known immediately is by boosting website traffic.  Though there are training videos and blog posts that can help you figure out how to get things done, you simply don’t have the time.  There are more important aspects of the business that require your attention. But as we all know, traffic leads to conversions, and you need conversions to earn profit and stay in business.

So what do you do?

The best solution is to get the help of experts.  You need to get someone who has the experience and the necessary skills to drive traffic and basically get things done.  Luckily, there are freelancers who specialize in these very important tasks.

1. SEO


Having a website and a social media presence is good.  Unfortunately, they won’t be enough to drive visitors.  In today’s online world, visibility and searchability is the name of the game. This is why hiring an SEO expert should be at the top of your list.

An SEO specialist can make an immediate impact because of their ability to optimize your website for search engines like Google and Bing.  If people can find you on the first page of a web search using a highly relevant keyword, it increases your chances of getting found.

Let’s face it, most of us have short attention spans. It’s highly unlikely for anyone to click through to page two of a search when we already see options laid out for us on page one, right?

You also have to bear in mind that keywords drive PPC (Pay-per-click). Having an efficient SEO expert lets you shoot two birds with one stone.  Not only will they be able to improve your SEO, but they’ll also be able to get you more clicks on your PPC campaigns. This in turn not only saves you money on ads, but also helps increase your reach.

2. Blog and Website Content

Equally important in driving and boosting traffic is having valuable content that people will keep coming back for.  We’ve all heard of the phrase “content is king” and for a good reason.  Content is what drives people to your site.

If you love what you read on a website, chances are you’ll be bookmarking the site or subscribing to its newsletter so you can be notified of new posts automatically.

This is the exact reason why you need to hire a prolific writer.  You need someone who can create exciting articles and content for your site that will not only encourage people to visit but also engage them through comments, and more importantly, increase conversions.

As your bloggers continue to produce content, you’ll then be able to tweak it to fit your target audience as you go along.  The more targeted your content is, the more people will come and consume it.  Make sure to create content that provides a lot of value.  Write content that addresses a certain pain or need and you’ll see people who are looking for answers flock to your site.

3. Graphic Design

Graphic design

Most people are highly visual by default.  It usually takes more than text and links to get their attention. This is why having an excellent graphic artist is vital for every business.

Graphics are great attention-grabbers. When you have someone who can create visually-striking graphics, you already have an advantage.

Apart from creativity, you’ll also need someone who has the ability to promote your brand through the graphic content that they create.  This is important because all your marketing efforts and campaigns will be carrying your brand, and it is through these campaigns that brand awareness begins.

You know it’s McDonald’s as soon as you see that iconic yellow “M” and you immediately recognize the Apple logo the moment you see it because of brand awareness.  Brand awareness is crucial because it opens a lot of windows.  It can lead to customer retention, loyalty, and more new customers when your loyal ones begin sharing you with to other people.

4.  Social Media

social media

When it comes to online presence, it’s important to remember that great content will amount to nothing if no one’s there to see them.  Social media has become a powerful marketing tool for businesses because of its reach and ability to attract engagement.

Every piece of content you create needs to be promoted to social media unless you’re content to just have your existing website audience consume it.

Apart from reach, social media also helps increase engagement. This is of utmost importance, especially today when most social media sites consider a good presence as a determining factor for whether your content will get displayed on people’s news feeds or not.

There are a lot of freelancers today that are also social media experts and managers who can help you craft a social media strategy that produces great results.  They can help advise you on which social media networking sites to focus on and how to promote content on each of them to maximize engagement.

5. Email Marketing

Maintaining an email list is one of the best marketing strategies that any business can have.  It’s a great way of building and maintaining relationships with customers and an excellent way of keeping them updated about your latest offers and about the business itself.

By getting a customer’s name and email address, you’ll be able to keep them posted on new products or services your brand is coming up with.  Subscribing to your email list is a sign that they trust you and your brand, which makes it more likely that they’d buy from you every time you have a new product.

Email marketing is not confined to your businesses and your customers, though.  It is also an effective way of reaching out and building relationships with other businesses.  This is where you can benefit from the skills of a good email marketer.

By hiring a freelancer with the said skills, you’ll be able to get other businesses to share your content on social media and their websites, which leads to better visibility, and eventually, more sales.


Boosting traffic and increasing conversions is an absolute must for a business to succeed. But doing it while running a business can prove to be too overwhelming for the busy business owner.  Luckily, hiring freelancers has become a viable option.

By getting the help of freelancers who specialize in the different tasks involved in boosting traffic and conversions, you will be able to achieve your business goals. Additionally, you can get your money’s worth by hiring freelancers while still working with only experienced professionals.  It’s definitely a better option than trying to do everything yourself.

Connor Gillivan is the author of Free Up Your Business: 50 Secrets to Bootstrap Million Dollar Companies, a serial entrepreneur, and the CMO and co-founder of FreeeUp.com. When he’s not bringing together hundreds of freelancers and business owners, he’s mentoring entrepreneurs through his site, ConnorGillivan.com. He currently lives in Denver, Colorado.

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